Our Profile


CHOK VENTURES NIGERIA Ltd is a fully licensed and permitted Nigerian Corporation with 100% indigenous holding in existence since 1999.We are an industry leader in International and Local Procurement Services, Materials & Project Management.

We are certified by NAFDAC to import chemicals and allied products in to the country.

CHOK VENTURES are service providers to the following organizations :

We believe in giving our customers value for their business by forming alliances with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and Buying/Trading Houses. These alliances give us prompt access to quality products at competitive prices.

Our communication and information capabilities provide real time/on-line customer service and flexibility. We are engaged in all phases of electronic commerce

We are experienced in the unique challenges of data maintenance and transmission both home and abroad. We feel that we can provide purchasing, logistics and delivery information that might otherwise be unavailable to our customers.

CHOK VENTURES in its two locations possess E-mail and Internet capabilities that provide employees mail correspondence from/to any other party and access to OEM’s and Suppliers sites on the World Wide Web.

CHOK VENTURES maintains 24 hours, independent voice communications that provide our customers instant access to our services and us.

Our Vision

To provide the most cost effective strategies and complete solutions to procurement, logistics supply, maintenance and management of materials/projects.

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