Chemical Distribution Services


CHOK VENTURES is certified by NAFDAC to import chemicals and allied products in to the country.


CHOK VENTURES operates a warehousing facility in Lagos where a wide range of chemicals are stocked for onward distribution or direct sales to customers.


CHOK VENTURES also supplies Chemicals & Allied products on purchase requisition to clients in the Oil & Gas Industry.

Our stocked chemicals are of the highest quality with 3rd party attestation by world standard inspection & quality control agents such as SGS.


Materials Safety Data Sheets with Certificates of Analysis are standard documentation with which our products are supplied with.


Our purchase requisition range includes the following

>  Refrigerants (R134A, R404A, R407C etc..)

>  Dessicants

>  Ceramic Balls

>  Shell Lubricants

>  Grease

> Cryogenic Coating

 Construction Chemicals

>  Industrial Coding & Marking Inks

Our stocked product range include:

>  Unsaturated polyester resin

>  E-glass Chopped strand mat

>  E-glass woven roving

>  Cobalt Accelerator

>  Paraffin wax

>  Micro crystalline wax

>  Caustic soda

>  Hydrochloric acid (HCL)

>  Methyl Ethyl Ketone peroxide (MEKP) 

An Outline on properties & use of some of our stocked range is below.


Unsaturated polyester resin are produced by the polycondensation of saturated and unsaturated dicarboxylic acids with glycols.  UPR form highly durable structures and coatings when they are cross-linked with a vinylic reactive monomer, most commonly styrene.



Hand lay-up and spray up application, suitable for fishing boats, pleasure boats yachts, bath tub,

shower baths, water tanks etc.


A random fiber reinforcement designed for use with polyester and vinyl ester resin systems. CSM is available in a variety of weights and widths to suit a wide range of applications.

It is suitable for all fiberglass or glass-reinforced plastic (GRP)


WR is made from continuous glass fibre roving which are interlaced unto heavy weight fabrics.

It is compatible with most resin systems. Ideal for multi-layer hand lay-up applications where great material strength is required.

WR is available in a variety of weaves, weights, widths and finishes to suit a wide range of applications.


Cobalt Accelerator controls the gel time in unsaturated polyester resins.


Paraffin Wax is mostly found as a white, odourless, tasteless, waxy solid, with a typical melting point between 46 and 68oc and having a density of around 0.9g/cm3. It is insoluble in water, but soluble in either benzene or certain esters.

Paraffin Wax is unaffected by most common chemical reagents but burns readily.


Candle-making, Baby jelly, Coatings for waxed paper or cloth, etc.


Chemical Name – Sodium Hydroxide with chemical formula Na OH.

It is highly caustic metallic base.

It is commercially available in flakes, solid, pearls and saturated solution.

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To provide the most cost effective strategies and complete solutions to procurement, logistics supply, maintenance and management of materials/projects.

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