Supply & Technical Services


CHOK VENTURES is well experienced in providing supply chain management for PIPES, VALVES, FITTINGS, PUMPS and MRO Supplies( Maintenance, Repair & Operating Supplies), PPE, plus Electrical, Electronic and Instrumentation Equipment including Motors, HVAC & LV/MV/HV Equipment. With our added ability in sourcing the “hard to find” our commitment to supply solutions is unparalleled. CHOK VENTURES services provide innovative supply, procurement and logistics programs and alliances that will: 

>  Reduce back-office expenses associated with procurement 

>  Optimize delivery response time

>  Reduce delay and down time

>  Provide product service and support 

All materials are supplied with assured quality including:  

>  MTR’s

> Certificates

>  Spare Parts Lists

>  IOM’s

>  Technical Drawings

> Data & Product Sheets


CHOK VENTURES in addition to its material supply and management services provides Technical back up and support services for the products supplied, such as:

>  Installation, Repair and Testing

>  Pipe and Fittings Installation

>  Valve Lubrication and Seat Sealing

Our Vision

To provide the most cost effective strategies and complete solutions to procurement, logistics supply, maintenance and management of materials/projects.

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