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In 1980 ZOK International Ltd pionereed the formulation & manufacture of a gas turbine compressor cleaning fluid for use in the UK MoD helicopters.The success of the formula spawned other water-based, biodegradable, environmentally responsible gas turbine compressor cleaning fluids.

ZOK International Ltd products are approved by all major gas turbine manufacturers for use in the Aviation, Oil & Gas and Power Generation sectors. Chok Ventures is the sole distributor of ZOK International Ltd. products in Nigeria and our stocked range includes ZOK 27 Concentrate & ZOK 27 RTU sized in 25 liter cans and 210L Drums. 

Cleaning with ZOK International products restores and maintains gas turbine engine performance and efficiency, reduces fuel consumption and reduces exhaust gas temperatures for a given power output, increasing both availability and reliability.

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