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A refrigerant is a working fluid used in the refrigeration cycle of refrigerators, freezers, chillers, air conditioning systems and heat pumps where in most cases they undergo a repeated phase transition from a liquid to a gas and back again. 

The Thermal & Specialized Solutions business unit of Chemours International Sarl, delivers superior performance, quality, and safety while meeting temperature performance and regulatory requirements with their industry leading brands of refrigerants. 

Chok Ventures is a partner of Chemours in the supply chain of Thermal & Specialized solutions in delivering superior performance, quality, and safety, meeting temperature performance requirements in any environment and helping our customers meet their regulatory requirements.

Chok Ventures is involved in the stocking & supply of 2 registered trade mark brands of Chemours

Freon™ Products

For Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, the Freon™ brand offers the broadest range of refrigerant solutions for new and existing equipment. The food and beverage, transportation, medical, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as commercial and residential buildings, use Freon™ refrigerant products to improve comfort and enhance quality of life. 

The Freon™ brand consists of Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) Refrigerants & Hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) Refrigerants.

Freon™ HFC refrigerants are non-ozone depleting, offering the highest quality and performance across multiple applications within air conditioning and refrigeration. 

Freon™ HCFC refrigerants are available for servicing existing equipment in residential and commercial air conditioning and for medium- and low-temperature refrigeration applications. 

Popular Freon™ brands offerings are Freon™ 134a (R-134a) Refrigerant, Freon™ 404A (R-404A) Refrigerant,Freon™ 407C (R-407C) Refrigerant, Freon™ 410A (R-410A) Refrigerant, Freon™ MO59 (R-417A) Refrigerant, Freon™ 22 (R-22) Refrigerant and many other performance chemicals.

Opteon™ Products

The Opteon™ range of refrigerants represent the new era & are based on hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) chemistry, have zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and low to ultra-low global warming potential. (GWP). 

The Opteon™ line of hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) based products offer high performance and low global warming potential (GWP). Opteon™ refrigerants can be used as new or retrofit options for air conditioning (AC) and refrigeration, and Opteon™ fluids have diverse applications in thermal management, foam blowing, and specialty fluid products. 

Because the Opteon™ portfolio is based on HFO chemistry, it has a very low impact on the atmosphere. Additionally, Opteon™ products meet the performance and safety requirements for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and residential applications. 

Opteon™ refrigerants are a new generation of low GWP solutions offering an optimal balance of performance, environmental sustainability, safety, and cost. 


Opteon™ XL refrigerants provide very low GWP solutions that are specifically developed to enable new, energy efficient equipment.


Opteon™ XP refrigerants provide a sustainable solution with a lower GWP that is suitable for retrofits and new equipment.

Popular Opteon™ offerings are

Opteon™ YF (R-1234yf) Automotive Refrigerant, Opteon™ XL10 (R-1234yf) Refrigerant, Opteon™ XL41 (R-454B) Refrigerant, Opteon™ XP10 (R-513A) Refrigerant, Opteon™ XP40 (R-449A) Refrigerant and a host of other performance chemicals.
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